Writ large – New Zealand’s HR bloggers

A special blog with names of NZ HR bloggers I follow and admire… oh yeah, I’m meantioned. It’s a bit of a motivator to keep journaling my journey/juggles. 🙂 Thanks @HRManNZ!

Up the Down Escalator

shutterstock_216819316Bloggers in my experience are intelligent, clever and thoughtful people (see what I did with the title? A little topical humour). We are not generally loud mouthed, ego driven ranters. At least, not in the HR space.

When I first started writing this blog nearly two years ago, I had many motivations for doing so. One of them was that no one else in the New Zealand HR profession was doing it and there was a gap to be filled. At least, that’s how it seemed at the time.

Similarly, I thought if I could do it then that might inspire a few others to jump in and write stuff too.

It occurred to me recently while going through all the HR blogs I follow and read that there is a growing list of NZ generated content that needs to be shared and celebrated.

Recently US blogger Christopher Demers

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