Conference Virginity

I attended the HR Advisor’s Conference in Auckland three weeks ago – it was my first.  I was a complete conference-virgin until then.  I went by myself, and was shy to order any room-service, use the hotel’s facilities (gymnasium/pool/etc.), it felt like I was awkward – a lot of people carried smart-phones and tablets to take notes and twitter-feed news… is this the way of the outside world from my office?  I must keep up.

And that was the theme of the conference – HR and the way forward and keeping up with the world… embracing social media for recruitment, learning, collaboration; technologies that are out there that could make our lives easier if we had the budget to implement (and some we could now if we wanted to); communication and how HR could do far better at it – it was inspiring, I was swallowed up in the HR women executives of large companies and how they managed to achieve their roles (and not all were from bottom-to-top).

Now, I’ve got to present this to my HR team – it’s going to be hard.  I want to send the message that there is inspiration, how it’s so easy to get caught-up in our day-to-day work bubble/trap that we forget to ‘look’ and work on ourselves.

I don’t want to let that spark that I got at the conference down – I want to let it shine; naive as it sounds – like a conference-virgin.