I’ve got a fire lit up my jacksie.

It’s one that I wished that I had this in the first place when I left high school… I would be in a different place now.  But, in the same instance, I wouldn’t want to trade my history.

Like a lot of people I have met on my journey – I ‘fell into HR’ by a happy accident.  But it wasn’t also so rainbows and sunshine – I had a loathing of human resources, being on the other side. I had spent 10 years as a generalist administrator – forever floating, not knowing what I wanted to pursue, as I already had a diploma in New Media Design (which would now be obsolete with the rate technology and internet development is changing).

Now – I’m hooked.  My Myers Briggs Indicator Type is ESTP – extroverted, sensory, thinking, perceiving.  In a nutshell: I work well with people rather alone, love randomness and variety, fun-loving, analytical, see rules as guidelines, and very much a ‘doer’, I get things done after observing all the facts – but that could also be from my Virgo-sun, Taurus-moon, Libra-rising sign.

My next paper for the upcoming semester is Employment Relations – awesome – getting into the nuts-and-bolts of HR, if Massey University ever gets my application approved in time so I can get my textbooks!

I have my daughter Breanna starting school next week, her first real school-year, and mine as well, being a parent – I’ve got a lot to learn about school/parent culture.  So no doubt this year, as this post goes live in the Chinese New Year of the Horse (which the Horse means success), will be of many learnings and wins.

Fingers Crossed.