Getting out of the HR funk.

Being well aware that it has been considerable months since my last posted thoughts, I do have a confession – that I was going through a time of HR cynicism, and I lost the inclination of reaching out to others I once was communicating and instead wanted to lose myself in my studies and family (which is not entirely a bad thing).  To retract from the scene, meant self-reflection.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve gone through dreamily highs of HR possibilities of collaborative organisational networking, diversity engagements, ditching the performance reviews, etc etc.

But it seemed my world of HR was completely different to how others were living in the #HRSoMe.

I don’t have the resources or the mandate to initiate some of the “wild” or “new world” initiatives that I see others are on the internet… the local government industry doesn’t have luxury to break out of bureaucratic moulds.  So, I do what I could… challenge the status quo from within, which seems to the be only thing that worked, as my colleagues are used to my ways of objection – whether they like it or not I’m not too sure… I just like to challenge for the sake of it, to have people justify the whys.

HR fads, buzzwords, relationship/strategic building, chair-at-the-table stuff… it all seems lost in the day-to-day Generalist grind of endless administration, and the resentment of how things are and frustration of others seemingly to keep moving forward on LinkedIn where one wishes to break out of the mouse-wheel.

One positive thing that did come out of my absence is an assurance that my passion for continuous HR improvement and ‘making a difference’ has directed my studies into Organisational Development – which, I had cups of mochaccino with three different OD Advisors from different industries and all of them gave me a different answer on what OD is, and what the Advisor does (go figure).

I must mention the HR Game Changer conference that recently occurred in Wellington where I stumbled slowly back into reading LinkedIn and Twitter feeds… and found myself glued once more to the feeds that were coming forth from attendees with little jewels of precious insights from leading HR thought-leaders and connecting to new people I haven’t encountered before – which was so familiar and refreshing to finally acknowledge I’m feeling like I’m coming out of my funk.

So for now, I have a few of my thought-posts in draft form, waiting… (for the last few months) to be released – but all in good time, when I can spare some – I am still studying after all – now in Organisational Behaviour – HA!